Ask yourself:

Do I feel valued at work?

Am I able to carry out my work in a way that is consistent with my values?

Does my team and management reflect the diversity of the community we serve?

Can my team and managers be their true selves at work?

If not, you have an opportunity for growth. 


My Services


Non-profit & social enterprise management

Evolved management systems

Organizational Culture Creation and Healing

Healthy and productive processes, including decision-making, meetings, communication

Mission alignment




Retreats and meetings

Difficult conversations and transitions

Conflict transformation and healing


Diversity & Inclusion

Racial equity planning and implementation

Creating a feminist organization (hint: it’s more than just hiring women!)

Hiring and retention

Assessment, training, coaching, culture change, and co-creating systemic adjustments




Speaking Engagements & Workshops

I am an experienced facilitator, presenter, and panelist. I have previously spoken at Harvard Law, Santa Clara University School of Law, the University of Maryland, and more.